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Cover Story.

For anyone out there who’s remotely interested in my ongoing tome of outlandish tales; I present to you the freshly scribbled cover of the upcoming



Things are ramping up for the numerous miscreants contained within its fleshy pages, and even though I am saying this as the sole creator of the whole shebang I reckon this volume is tighter than a gorilla’s fist. I had a steaming heap of densely layered fun while executing the art in this one, and as such I’ve crammed in some of my most swirly visual shenanigans to date. Also it’s as funny as that thunderous joke you heard that comedian say that one time: you know the one you always fuck up when you’re trying to express to your friends the sheer magnitude of its utter hilarity – the good thing about FLUMP is though you can just show them instead of embarrassing yourself over and over again, you silly goose you!


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