The Art of L Tatlock

offbeat tales & exotic scribbles

flump vOL 2

It’s back to flick your sack and tweak your rack! 40 Pages of unbridled, psychotropic fuckery, featuring all your favourite freakatrons: The Imperfect Prophet, Gad, M.E.U.T.ZX, Someplace and so much more. It’s a perfect storm of magic and stupidity that will tune you in, turn you on and freak you out!

Buy it now! Anything else would be a direct violation of your right to bare weirdness!


The Imperfect Prophet
Getting important messages from the future arse-backwards since

the day he was born! What a hero!

A caveman warrior with a heart of gold and a brain of pudding, who will kill and eat anything that moves.

He… well he’s just the worst.