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This, being my latest daubing, is part of a set I will be creating called The Principals: the idea behind which comes from a set of simple symbols that I continually jot down as they pop up, literally, on the landscape.


As a constant scribbler I find that sometimes a shape or form hits me straight in the face at just the right time, when a certain whimsical frame of mind is in play, and not really knowing what to do with said forms I decided to attribute them with meaning and order, much like our ancestors probably did, and thus this stuff began to unfold.


The main symbol in the centre of the ‘The First Principal – Emergence’ (as the above piece is called) I saw in the top of a not particularly grand tree during it’s winter nudity. It was cast against a blank sky and so I cast it against a blank page and saw in it the possibility of next years growth. From that thought of emergence came this.


Inspriation is everywhere, and if you let it it can take you off down some strange paths: people may not get it, or even give a toss, but I’ll be a screaming chimp if it ain’t personally fulfilling.

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