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FLUMP Vol.1 (Digital Comic)

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Flump (v):
to move or fall suddenly and heavily

Flump (n):
a British marshmallow treat which is forged into a succulent double helix of brightly coloured, sugary, hyperactive majesty

FLUMP (?!):
a combination of outlandish storytelling, sensual magic, neon cream, psychotropic wonderment and weirdo daubings the likes of which will knee your eye-pips clean out of their twitchy little cups!


  • 42 Pages stuffed with strange tales and sticky scribbles!
  • Robots! Demons! Mermaids! Cavemen! Freaks! weirdos! Gentlemen & bounders!
  • Amusing japes, arousing catastrophes and questionable moral choices!
  • A plethora of unlikely heroes and loveable idiots crammed together in one hilariously surreal universe.

This is a digital comic: download contains a high resolution PDF.

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