The Art of L Tatlock

offbeat tales & exotic scribbles

what was flump?

FLUMP was an extremely low-key, i.e. mostly unheard of, independent comic of freaktacular proportions. It was aimed at those with more… surreal sensibilities when it came to their taste in aesthetics and humour. There was no real set or overarching style that linked any two stories which gave it a somewhat experimental aura: that in turn made it utterly exhilarating to create. Never being one to exhaust one particular medium I figured this approach would give me the greatest creative freedom, and not leave me stuck on a workaday treadmill like an office job. 

So off I went and stuffed the whole thing to the brim with swirly scribbles, twisted narratives & esoteric philosophical meanderings all wrapped up in a tight-fitting jacket of raw, day-glow, ridiculousness. As far as I could tell It contained all the essential ingredients a body needed to arouse its most private mental glands and nodules. Whenever a volume was finished it was flung up online for one and all to discover and download for the whopping price of…wait for it…fuck all! “But why didn’t you charge for it?” I hear you cry (along with “And why the shit do I have to pay for it now?!”).

Well the reasons for this were threefold. For starters I, being the sole creator of FLUMP, am not the most business savvy fella: sure enough I can scribble it up like a kid with a fresh pack of crayons, and I have a head full of enough fun for everyone, but I would never deem myself a shrewd capitalist. The second reason was that at that time I was pretty low on responsibilities – by which I mean I was a god-damned stinking layabout with absolutely no direction. The third and final reason was that I simply wasn’t confident enough in what I had created to ask for anything more than donations (which a few really kind people even gave me!). Fortunately all of this is no longer the case: I have good people to help me with the things I’m not so clever at, I am more mature and thus confident of my creative worth, and now my cup runneth over with responsibility: not just myself but also for a whole throng of wonderful people who depend on me to not fuck everything up. Gulp.

So with all these new and daunting duties kicking me directly in the lust-cluster I started to think back on how much joy FLUMP garnered both myself and a small, yet viciously loyal, following of brilliant lunatics. This then got me to thinking “Hey, I’d rather get repeatedly kneed in the ear by Jason Statham than waste every single day of my livings and breathings perfecting mediocrity, right? And I want my kids to see their dad achieve something magical, RIGHT!? I mean, I don’t want them to think that their only option when they reach adulthood is to chisel away at their own morale till it’s the size of a hedgehog’s nipple, and all just so they can afford fucking toothpaste! So maybe, just maybe, there are still some gorgeous mutations out there who wouldn’t mind shedding a pittance for some of my rich brain-gravy. YES! That would be the shit!”

Many such mental meanderings and mawkish reveries later and here we are: where maybe nobody will chuck their change at my outlandish wears…but then again…If you are reading this right now then mayhap there is still a chance! One last outrageously sexy chance that FLUMP will rise up, rigid and proud, to spread it’s steamy, neon creams all over the land! HUZZAH! Here’s hoping.


All manner of chicanery and jiggery-pokery have gone into sprucing up this vastly improved FLUMP. Every page has been cleaned of bits of pencil scribble and nostril dribble that may have been scanned in and overlooked (which, by the way, was several fuck-tons). Whole frames, and even whole pages, have been redrawn because they didn’t turn out how I wanted when I first scribbled them. All lettering has been retyped with huge swathes of illiteracy ameliorated (though likely not eradicated). New strips have been added to what was originally a rather meagre first volume, and finally parts from Vol. 2  have been squeezed in with a little more connective tissue to make for better break-off points and continuity. 

old v new flump iterations
Above Left: Old opening page for M.E.U.T.Z | Above Right: New version which really hits home the Boyish, O.T.T., Power-fantasy satire of the whole shebang.

It has taken some months to achieve all of this, and I am now busy reworking Vol.2 with the same super-critical eye. I am also creating more new content than I have in an age, and looking forward to a future  where I get to finishing these stories which where scripted in their entirety way back when.

So to whoever may be reading this: I hope you enjoy what I’ve attempted here and that it provides you with a few solid giggles, but even more than that I hope it gives you the inspiration to create something personal, satisfying and unique that could only be wrought of your strange & incomparable spirit: because the alternative is that whole hedgehog’s nipple thing I was talking about up there.